Corporate Storytelling and Communication

“As more and more firms grasp that narrative is central to addressing many of today's key leadership challenges – for example, articulating the risks and opportunities identified by strategic management tools like strategic plans, scenario analysis, and dilemma resolution – the question becomes: how is a CEO to make effective use of story-telling?”

Stephen Denning Formerly the Program Director, Knowledge Management, at the World Bank

Selling your corporate story

The use of narrative story-telling as a tool for professional development, building relationships, and explaining organisational and personal values, has seen an upsurge in recent years across a number of professions. The telling of your organisations story or our professional stories can empower your organisation, person and profession.

The use of narrative story-telling has documented success in the following work areas:
  1. Imparting necessary skills and training to colleagues
  2. Knowledge and history that provide context for day-to-day decision making
  3. Understanding the organisation's strategy
  4. Sparking action, in a positive and affirmative way
  5. Taming the grapevine, and proactively working through gossip and innuendo
  6. Expressing a meaningful vision, creating future stories and scenarios
  7. Expressing the work experience of other employees
  8. Confirming shared experiences and the meaning of the organisation
  9. Preparing groups for planning, decision-making and implementing new initiatives
  10. Co-creating visions and strategy

Primarily the use of narrative story-telling helps us to build meaningful context into our work and personal communication.


Interpersonal face-to-face communication helps both speakers and their audience to construct self (Who am I?); weave community (Who are We?); order experiences; represent reality; make sense of lived-events; share knowledge; or influence the values, beliefs, and actions of one another.

This workshop will provide practical examples of how we can apply the principles and practice of story-telling in the workplace to address: personnel issues, improve productivity, and create and sustain organizational culture, whilst celebrating our own uniqueness.


workshop targeted at teams and individuals who want to improve their own working life, whilst balancing work against their own personal needs. It is an ideal workshop for team building, and context building within the workplace. This is a workshop aimed at moving beyond 'personality typing' towards 'personal discovery'. Allowing us to deal with colleagues and clients in the workplace not just as human resources, or human capital, but rather as real human beings, with human feelings and human lives.