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Costs for programmes will depend on travel and accommodation however we are normally able to provide a reasonable quote. Andy will travel to any location so please don't hesitate to make contact.


Andy uses his performances to promote literacy, reading, and the love of literature. Most importantly he portrays a sense of fun, mixing a fine blend of humour with true emotional pathos. We offer performances for all ages; stories for adults, children and infants. Medieval stories, modern stories, personal narratives, historical narratives and folk and fairy tales.

These performances are suitable for all settings; schools, festivals, theatres, libraries and conferences. To sample some of these stories please head to

As well as traditional tales, Andy tells a number of personal stories about growing up in a provincial city. Many of these tales contain classical elements of odyssey and journey with a dash of stand up comedy, and life experience, well suited to mixed audiences.

For teenagers and adults, Andy performs a variety of horror stories, guaranteed to please and scare.

For pre-schoolers and junior schools, Andy has a number of participatory stories, including chanting, singing, body movement, and theatre sport type activities.



Your Stories, My Stories, Our Stories.

Traditionally many workshops have focused on the mechanics of writing and storytelling, this workshop focuses more on the creation of story. What is the impetus to write and tell stories? A workshop designed under the premise that for each one of us life is an odyssey, a journey made up of memorable, people, places or happenings. Along with practical advice and activities for story-telling this workshop primarily consists of a series of memory prompts, to help you recall your journey.

This workshop is designed for use in the education and library sector, it can be as short as 1 hour for students; covering the basics of telling our own stories, or up to 6 hours for educators; including theory, practice, and applications for the classroom.

This workshop allows for a great deal of flexibility in time and delivery making it suitable for adults and children, the focus can also be shifted towards writing stories or performing stories.


Branding, or telling your company story

Today most brands claim to have a story, but having a story is nothing if it is not competitive as a narrative and personally relevant to each recipient. So your story must be distinctive from the other stories that are in play in a market and it must continue to be so.

Good marketing is good storytelling. International Storytelling can offer expert help in formulating a brand story that will drive growth in your enterprise. Taking your marketing from random content and flashy baubles to content that systematically and insightfully builds your long story.

Narrative Management and Knowledge Management.

This workshop will provide practical examples of how we can apply the principles and practice of narrative management in the workplace to address:

  • Imparting necessary skills and training to colleagues

  • Knowledge and history that provide context for day to day decision making

  • Understanding the organisation’s strategy

  • Spark action, in a positive and affirmative way

  • Expressing a meaningful vision, creating future stories and scenarios

  • Confirming shared experiences and the meaning of the organisation

  • Preparing groups for planning, decision-making and implementing new initiatives

An ideal workshop for managers of staff or information.

Jack Goes off to Seek his Fortune.

This workshop is primarily focused on using story to balance career ambition and personal identity.

A workshop targeted at individuals who want to improve their own working life, whilst balancing work against their own personal needs. It is an ideal workshop for team building, and context building within the workplace. This is a workshop aimed at moving beyond 'personality typing' towards 'personal discovery'. Allowing us to deal with colleagues and clients in the workplace not just as human resources, or human capital, but rather as real human beings, with human feelings and human lives.

Speech Writing

A great speech can change the world, and resonate with listeners long after the event. International Storytelling uses professional orators and storytellers to write speeches. To often speeches are crafted for how they look in the written word, our speeches are crafted for how they sound. We will work with you closely to give the speech a personal sound that is appropriate to you. Not only can we write your speech we are happy to have it recorded by a professional orator to give you guidance on how it is envisaged to sound.

Presentation Preparation

Your presentations largely affect your success, to often presentations have relied heavily on the associated media and not on the manner or content of the presentation. International storytelling can help you to create the complete presentation package bringing multimedia and oratory together in a powerful combination.