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Further Reviews

"The children were talking about you and your stories for days after. There wasn't a child in the room who wasnt a part of your journey. They were totally immersed and spellbound."
(Wesley Prep)

“Performance is a completely inadequate word to describe the relationship you had with the children" (Wairoa Public Library)

"Even children sit still and listen when this man spins a yarn" (Gisborne Herald. NZ)

"Able to paint pictures with his words and actions. ... His shows are intense and physically demanding." (Waikato Press. NZ)

"That laughter you feel is bubbling in him on stage truly is a part of his personality." ( Stagedoor UK)

"Thank you for a wonderful interactive storytelling session. The children's belly-laughs were heard throughout the school! They really enjoyed it."
(Makara Model School)

"Thanks for the great show yesterday! I received great feedback from all who attended."
Weymouth Intermediate NZ)

"They Laughed (a lot), they cried (almost), but mostly they laughed when the fabulous Shah of Blah enthralled."
Dannevirke Times)

His talent was truly amazing he had me (a great granny!) projected right back to childhoodwith his fantasy tales. Thanks so very much to all who organised the visit of this exceptionally talented man
(Wilima Buckingham, Jacks Bay)

"Wow. Congratulations on a great session and I hope you’ll be back again" (Shrine of Rememberance. Australia)

The real magic is when you see children and adults so enraptured that they are actually there - they're actually living that moment. The ability to suspend the reality of the now and live in that mythical magical place. (The Courier, Timaru)

"Just want to say thanks so much for a legendary performance. The kids loved it! Great combination of stories too! Everyone here is raving about you!" (Huntingtower School Australia)

"Thank you for a wonderful Grimms grimmest storytelling session at Melton on Halloween night. We have had great feedback from children and parents who attended" ( Melton Library)

"we would like to sincerely thank you for your energetic, uplifting and very moving storytelling session. You were able to clearly capture the essence of exactly what happened during Holy Week." (Ursula Frayne Catholic College)

He saw hundreds of students from throughout the district and conducted intensive hour-long workshops. His message was a simple one, “We all have wonderful stories to tell. They come from the people we know and the places we have been”. Nor was he scared to tell the truth about life. Nose hair and hairy-legged “grandmas” exist and he urged students to flesh out their stories with “detail and emotion”. (Goondiwindi Argus)

"The children were captivated by Andy Wright, judging by their open mouths, looks of wonder, and shrieks of laughter" (City Life)

"The students all had a great time and learned a lot about storytelling, which they’re hoping to demonstrate when they tell their own stories." (Box Hill Tafe Australia)

“The feedback from today's Easter Service has been wonderful. You were very well received and your talents appreciated. It was a pleasure to work with you.” (St Stephens School W.A.)

"enormous thanks for last Sunday. It really was terrific – Speedie Church took off like never before and a huge part of that was your story. Thank you so much for that ministry.”
St Faiths Anglican Church Burwood Australia)

"thank you for doing such a great job at your story telling sessions in the Dandenong Library this month. My children thoroughly enjoyed your animated style and interactive program" (Dandenong Library. Australia)

"He kept the children engrossed in the performance with interactive stories that included full audience participation" (Tokoroa Press. NZ)

"Listen to one of Andrew's stories and you're transported to a world of weird and wonderful characters of every shape size and personality." (Rotorua Review. NZ)

"We had Andy Wright out entertaining our 7-9 students on Friday. He did a marvellous job, he really brings stories to life, particularly horror stories" (Scoresby Secondary Australia)

"We have great feedback on the event... Everyone seemed to enjoy your interactive multi-cultural style!" ( Casey-Cardinia Library Australia)

"The girls and teachers were effusive in their praise and thoroughly enjoyed their time with you." (Chilton St James School NZ)

"Students (and staff) were engrossed with the stories and enjoyed your energy and theatrical performance. Story telling is such and interesting way to open up a range of literature to students."
(Camberwell High School)