From: Fiona Sherlock []
Sent: 22 November 2004 15:29

Hi Andy,


It is a pleasure to jot a few lines about you and your storytelling for the public – I can see why they’d be interested!


Andy Wright – International Story teller first came to us via a recommendation from one of our families whose child had been lucky enough to see him in action.

I must say that at first I was dubious as I had never heard of this gentleman through the normal channels, and his brochure had never come across my desk.  So I went about contacting Andy to scope out what was available and at what price! (Yes, us “not for profits” are always on the look out for a good deal!!)

I was surprised to come across a warm, kind hearted and, what I thought was a softly spoken person.  I was right about the first too descriptors, but how wrong I was about the “softly spoken” part!! 

Dressed in colorful clothes and hat, Andy arrived before his session was due to begin, scoped out our facilities and was taken and introduced to the first group of children and staff.  Nobody knew what to expect as nobody had heard or seen of this man before.


That was 4 months ago and Andy has visited 4 times since that terrific day!  He has spent time with our Gumnuts (12 toddlers), Possums (17 three year olds) and Banksia room children (preschool) and has enthralled and mesmerized every one of them.  Andy is very flamboyant and has a knack of drawing children in to the story, almost as if they were living it then and there.  The children have been known to call for an “encore” before the staff could get around to it!!


Andy has displayed versatility, creativity, enthusiasm and passion for his tales each time he has visited ACC.  We cannot recommend him highly enough to others who are looking for a quality story teller who tries things just a little out of the ordinary!  Andy also offers extremely cost effective rates too, and I’m not going to tell you what they are – I’ll let him do that himself!!


I speak from 15 years experience when I say – “give Andy Wright – International Storyteller a try, I know you’ll be suitably impressed.”


Fiona Sherlock

Centre Manager

Ashwood Children's Centre Inc