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For Students

Andy uses his storytelling to promote literacy, reading, and the love of literature. Most importantly he portrays a sense of fun, mixing a fine blend of humour with true emotional pathos.

As well as folk and fairy tales, Andy tells a number of personal stories about growing up in a provincial city. Many of these tales contain traditional elements of odyssey and journey with a dash of stand up comedy, and life experience, well suited to mixed audiences.

For teenagers and adults, Andy performs a variety of horror stories, guaranteed to please and scare.

For pre-schoolers and junior schools, Andy has a number of participatory stories, including chanting, singing, body movement, and theatre sport type activities.

For students above year 4 and throughout tertiary Andy offers a series of workshops on story-telling and writing.

For Educators

Andy offers a wide range of programmes for Educators. As well as the enjoyment of watching a live performance there are a number of workshops available

These workshops are designed for use in the education and library sector, they can be as short as 1 hour for students; covering the basics of telling our own stories, or up to 6 hours for educators; including theory, practice, and applications for the classroom.

All workshops are designed under the premise that for each one of us life is an odyssey, a journey made up of memorable, people, places or happenings. Along with practical advice and activities for story-telling and classroom learning these workshops also consists of a series of memory prompts, that will help students and teachers to recall their own journeys.

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