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Why Religious Themed Stories

Andy often states that one of the inspirations for becoming a storyteller is the gospel of St John, and the "word becomes flesh". Before the modern age of books, stories of our faith were flesh and blood, they lived and grew with us, guiding us on our life journey towards God. To experience the stories of our faith in such a way is a powerful and meaningful experience.

Childhood, and religious experiences form a rich part of the stories professional story teller Andy Wright tells to audiences around the world. “Alas!”, the story teller says “nasty things happen in life, not everyone lives happily ever after”. We see the microcosm of life experiences reflected in Religious stories, take the story of King David, and you see, all the human frailties encapsulated in one man, who still manages to have a loving relationship with God”.

Andrew’s stories are a celebration of the faithful life, the difficulties and joys of our spiritual odyssey. Able to paint pictures with his words, Andrew takes us on a pilgrimage joining a world of Saints, Spiritual Heroes, and personal redemption stories, leading us on our own journey towards the centre of God.


Andy Wright the principal storyteller for the company has worked with a number of faith communities and schools, including Christian, Jewish and Islamic.

His stories include a wide range of religious themes, including biblical narratives, rabbinical stories, and tales of the Houdja amongst many others.

Andy's formal training includes a number of years studying comparative religion, he displays a great deal of sympathy and understanding in his approach to spiritual and religious narratives.

Types and Ages

For Junior audiences there are re-tellings of traditional stories with full audience participation including ‘David and Goliath’ ‘Noah’s Ark’, 'tales of the Houdja' and 'Rabbinical Stories'.

For older audiences there are longer more traditional retellings of religious narratives including the lives of the saints, scriptural heroes and other seminal religious figures such as the Baal Shem Tov. There are also a number of stories that lead into wider theological discussion such as the problem of evil.

Andy also provides a number of workshops based on the concept of the story pilgrimage and the ability to retell our own story and to experience a deeper understanding of our own journey towards the heart of God.

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